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    ABP Framework is a complete infrastructure to create modern web applications by following the software development best practices and conventions.

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    Full stack application infrastructure.


    Modern architecture to create maintainable software solutions.

    Domain Driven Design (DDD)
    Based Layering Model

    Helps you to implement a DDD based layered architecture and build a maintainable code base.

    Provides startup templates, abstractions, base classes, services, documentation and guides to help you to develop your application based on DDD patterns & principles.

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    The core framework & pre-build modules are designed with microservice architecture in mind.

    Provides infrastructure, integrations, samples and documentation to implement microservice solutions easier, while it doesnt bring additional complexity if you want a monolithic application.

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    ABP provides a module system that allows you to develop reusable application modules, tie into application lifecycle events, and express dependencies between core parts of your system.

    Pre-Built Modules & Themes

    Holgrave too, retired; and though secretly rejoicing that, legally speaking, he was as free as when he entered the court, he yet felt bitterly that in the eye of the baron and the barony, he was as much a villein as if he had pronounced every letter, and sealed the declaration with the customary oath. Open source and commercial modules & themes are ready to use in your business application.

    NuGet & NPM Packages

    "I can't foller you," said Reuben gruffly. Distributed as NuGet & NPM packages. Easy to install and upgrade.


    The fourth day from his committal, happened to be a Court day of the manor, and it was selected for the trial, for the purpose of showing the tenantry what they might expect from the commission of an offence of such rare occurrence. The hall was thronged to suffocation; for many more were attracted by the expected trial, than by the familiar business of a manorial court, and the people beguiled the time till the entrance of De Boteler in commenting on the transaction."And he expects us to care for nothing but his vulgar ambitions. Oh Lord! I wish I was out of it!" All services & modules are designed extensibility in mind. You can replace services, pages, styles and components.

    Don't Repeat

    Cross Cutting Concerns

    Keep your codebase smaller so you can maintain focus on the code thats specific to your business.

    Dont send time implementing common application requirements on multiple projects.

    • Authentication & Authorization
    • Exception Handling
    • Validation
    • Database Connection
    • Transaction management
    • Audit Logging
    • Caching
    • Multitenancy
    • Data filtering

    Convention Over Configuration

    ABP implements common application conventions by default with a minimal or zero configuration.

    • Auto registers known services to dependency injection.
    • Exposes application services as HTTP APIs by naming conventions.
    • Creates dynamic HTTP client proxies for C# and JavaScript.
    • Provides default repositories for your entities.
    • Manages Unit of Work per web request or application service method.
    • Publishes create, update & delete events for your entities.

    Base Classes

    Pre-built base classes for common application patterns.

    //Base class for CRUD services
    public class PeopleAppService
        : CrudAppService<Person, PersonDto, Guid>,
        //Generic repository
        public PeopleAppService(
            IRepository<Person, Guid> repository
        ) : base(repository)


    ABP is for developers.
    It aims to simplify your daily software development while not restricting you from writing low level code.

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    CLI (Command Line Interface)

    "I want no drink," said the galleyman, impatiently, pushing away the vessel"but stay, 't will do me no harm." Includes a CLI to help you automate the creation of new projects and the addition of new modules.

    abp new Acme.BookStore -d mongodb

    Startup Templates

    Its about last night, she said. I told Charles what had happened, and he doesnt want me to{159} come up to your house again like that in the evening. He knows as well as I doAs they proceeded, the heath gradually assumed the appearance of a scanty wood, the trees became more numerous, the thickets of greater extent, and the animal on which Calverley rode was frequently impeded by the withering stumps of trees that had been carelessly felled. He alighted just at the point where an abrupt opening between the clustering thickets led by a circuitous path of not more than a hundred yards to the high road to Gloucester. Various startup templates provide a fully configured solution to jump start your development.

    Database Options

    "You dare miscall me," and the two men, mad with private hate and public humiliation, flew at each other's throats.Reuben struck his fist on the table, and she dropped the paper with a little cry. The framework can work with any data source, while the following providers are officially developed and supported;

    Based on Familiar Tools

    Built on and integrated with popular tools you already know. Low learning curve, easy adaptation, comfortable development.

    Free DDD E-book

    This book is a practical guide for implementing the Domain Driven Design with the ABP Framework.

    01 Introducing Domain Driven Design
    02 DDD Layers & Clean Architecture
    03 Layering of a .NET Solution
    04 Implementing DDD Building Blocks
    05 Domain Logic vs Application Logic
    06 Samples & Discussions


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